There is a strong desire for self-improvement that beats with the heart of many of us. We are motivated to look for ways to get better at what we do. Traditionally this has meant taking a course, reading a book, or even seeking help in the form of a coach.

Now there is a new way to offer self-improvement for those seeking to improve their leadership and management skills. This resource is available 24/7 and travel where you travel courtesy of your smartphone or tablet.

We call it the iBaldoni Self-Coaching Guide. This guide offers development advice in a structured way that combines online content and assessment as well as worksheet development tools.

What's included:

The iBaldoni features a design that provides targeted content in digestible bits structure to meet individual self-development needs.

• Self-assessment – How I am doing now
• Coaching planner – What I need to do to get better
• Coaching content material – Where I can go to get advice
• Self-evaluation – How well I improved