Video Links

Developing Yourself
Watch these videos for insights into developing youself as a leader.

Leadership Brand Is More Than a Buzz Word

Patience is a Virtue

Keeping Your Cool

Humility Works for Leaders

Reputation without Character

Write Your Own Eulogy

Watch these videos to learn how to become a more effective communicator.

The Power of Leadership Presence

Three Steps to Better Presentations

Be Authentic When You Speak


Leading Your Organization
Watch these videos for suggestions about how to improve your ability to lead your team and your organization.

Leadership in Three Acts

3C’s at Leadership

How to Lead While Everyone’s Watching

Instilling Collaboration

Allocating Capital


Visiting the Troops

Art of Leading Your Peers

Get Your Aspirations Right

Individuality & Teamwork

Leading with Purpose
Discover ways to learn to lead with purpose in order to bring your people together for common cause.

Fundamentals of Purpose

3 Questions to Create Powerful Engagement

What Does It Mean to Lead with Purpose

Dealing with Problems
Learn how to deal with challenges facing you and your team.

How to Bounce Back from Adversity

Two Questions to Help You Resolve a Failure

Kiss Up, Kick Down Boss

Don’t Wing Your Next Crisis

Playing the Urgency Card

Developing Others
Leaders accomplish little by themselves. They need the services of others to help them lead.

Find Your Bell Cow

Who’s on Deck?

Surround Yourself with Strong People

Evaluating People

Encouraging Leadership in Others