Suggested Coaching Goals

Read the following list of coaching goals. Based on the results of your self-assessment, consider those that fit your developmental needs. Select no more than three. [It is perfectly fine (and may be preferable) to select only one or two.] You may restate them in your own words as well as use as is. You are also encouraged to add a goal that is not listed.

Leadership skills

Develop my communication skills, e.g. speak more clearly, listen more attentively, and learn from what others tell me.

Focus on becoming a more engaged listener by speaking less and listening for understanding.

Develop verbal communications so that I speak clearly, concisely and with conviction.

Improve my leadership presence by radiating authenticity, authority and confidence.

Learn to think and act strategically, e.g. think big picture but act with authority suitable to my position.

Find ways to hold crucial conversations with my colleagues and my direct reports in order to speak openly and honestly about issues that unite us as well as divide us.

Learn how to “lead up” helping my boss to achieve goals that will help our team and our organization succeed.

Leverage my influence with colleagues and bosses by demonstrating competence, developing credibility and acting with confidence.

Delegate more effectively by handing over authority and responsibility for tasks to my direct reports.

Instill confidence in others through my example and my support for their contributions.

Find ways to hold members of my team (and myself) accountable for our actions and our results.

Prioritize goals and tasks by managing my schedule effectively.

Coach my people in order to bring out the best in them.



Personal skills

Become more self-confident by setting appropriate goals and applying my skills to achieve them.

Develop my abilities to think critically.

Adopt strategies that enable me to become more patient.

Find ways to keep an open-mind when people speak to me (e.g., stop being so judgmental).

Use reflection as a means of gaining perspective on myself and my work.